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Student Project

Primary Role(s):


4 Months (2017)

UI Designer and 3D Artist

Sacred Mirror is a technical demo made for the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab at MSU. The purpose of the game is to showcase technical frameworks that could be implemented in future games for the lab. These include a quest/inventory system, cut scene manager, and motion capture animation implementation.

Research Phase

 While the main purpose of the game is to demonstrate new systems, the client also wanted an actual game to see these systems in practice. The main theme decided by our team was Japanese mythology and the warring states period of Japan.  I found a great deal of resources about the objects and style of that era, including the proliferation of family clan symbols.

Design Phase

The game takes place inside a castle under siege by mythical creatures who are in search of the sacred mirror. As such, I wanted to make the theme of the UI based on this idea of a clan under attack. Drawing from my research of japanese clan symbols, I created one for our own castle and had it be the main repeating element of the UI. 

A frayed flag bearing the symbol of the clan is the main backdrop of the inventory/quest screen. It is the main indicator of the player's health and can be found hidden in other areas of the UI. 

Along with creating the game's UI, I also made a variety of the 3D environment art assets, such as the cherry blossom trees and temples.

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