Tahir's Playbook

Tahir’s playbook is a mobile/desktop app for Detroit Public Schools commissioned by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.


The goal of the app is to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits in school children via video game style incentive systems.




3D Artist and Designer

3 Months (2016)

Research Phase

The first stage of research was to determine what kind of incentive system we wanted to use to get children to engage with our app. Our team found that incentivizing via player character customization unlocks was an effective way to increase user engagement.


After that was decided, we needed a way to quantify healthy behavior so that the user would clearly understand their goals. I researched other apps that dealt with children’s nutrition and concluded that tracking via the five food groups would be the simplest method for our demographic. Our team then consulted with a nutritionist to make sure we understood the proper amount of servings our users needed from each food group to be considered healthy. 

Design Phase

Since acquiring items for the user’s avatar is the primary form of incentive, the design of the app itself came down to focusing on that. I planned the app so that the user’s avatar is the main screen from which the rest of the app always comes back to. I also mocked up the menus themselves with an emphasis on being simple, cartoony and fun.

Final Tahir's Playbook design

Final Version of the Tahir's Playbook App